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n.1.(Zool.) The inner layer of the cells of Bryozoa.
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The scolex (the infectious parasite at the larval stage) arises from the inner endocyst [5,6].
As soon as the cyst was punctured the patient developed chills and rigor and fever intensified and real time Ultrasound showed typical picture of hydatid cyst with "Water lily sign" with the endocyst floating free in the ectocyst (Figure 2).
The Palanivelu hydatid system (PHS) is a recently described device to remove the internal contents and the endocyst without excising the entire cyst.
Exploration of the cyst with scrupulous precautions to avoid spillage showed an endocyst.
5) Structurally the cysts consist of a tough outer pericyst that protects a delicate inner endocyst from which brood capsules and daughter cysts develop.
There was a significant collection of eosinophils, plasma cells, macrophages and few neutrophils around the endocyst.
The communicating type consists of a tear of the endocyst with escape of contents via biliary radicles or bronchioles.