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1. A change within an intrusive igneous rock caused by the assimilation of portions of the surrounding rock.
2. A homomorphism that maps a mathematical system into itself.
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(Geological Science) geology changes in a cooling body of igneous rock brought about by assimilation of fragments of, or chemical reaction with, the surrounding country rock
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(ˌɛn doʊˈmɔr fɪz əm, -də-)

a change brought about within the mass of an intrusive igneous rock.
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[6]) to the study of non-isomorphic surjective endomorphisms of projective varieties, we sometimes encounter serious troubles: Let f: X [right arrow] X be a non-isomorphic etale endomorphism.
If we use other lifts [beta][~.f] and [bar.[beta]][bar.f] of f, then we obtain the corresponding endomorphisms [[tau].sub.[beta]][phi] and [[tau].sub.[beta]][phi] respectively.
It is easy to see that J and J* are (globally defined) endomorphisms on [T.sup.k] M, rank J = rank J* = km.
The authors cover ultraproduct von Neumann algebras, the canonical extension of irreducible endomorphisms, Kac algebras, generalized central quantum subgroups, Skew symmetric bicharacters, actions and cocycle actions, dual actions of finite groups, and many other mathematical subjects over the course of the bookAEs eight chapters.
For any x, y, z in T, define the endomorphisms [L.sub.x] and [R.sub.x, y] of the vector space [mathematical expression not reproducible].
It is well known that all endomorphisms of an Abelian group form a ring and many of their properties can be characterized by this ring.
A CR manifold is a smooth manifold M equipped with a distribution H [subset] TM of even rank 2n and a complex structure as endomorphisms [J.sub.p] : [H.sub.p] [right arrow] [H.sub.p] with [J.sup.2.sub.p] = -id.
Thibon, Natural Endomorphisms of Quasi- Shuffle Hopf Algebras, arXiv:1101.0725v1.
Mathematicians and scientists discuss such matters as rigid abelian groups and the probabilistic method, looking for indecomposable right bounded complexes, kernel modules of cotorsion pairs, upper cardinal bounds for absolute structures, subgroups of totally projective primary abelian groups and direct sums of cyclic groups, generic endomorphisms of homogeneous structures, special pairs and automorphisms of centerless groups, and some results on the algebraic entropy.
We denote by [End.sub.k](V ) the algebra of k-linear endomorphisms of V and by GL(V ) = GL(V, k) the general linear group of all units of [End.sub.k](V).
An almost contact manifold is a (2n + 1)-dimensional manifold [M.sup.2n+1] which carries a field [phi] of endomorphisms of the tangent spaces, a vector field [xi], called Reeb vector field, and a 1-form [eta] satisfying [[phi].sup.2] = -I + [eta] [cross product] [xi], [eta]([xi]) = 1.