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Noun1.Holometabola - insects that undergo complete metamorphosisholometabola - insects that undergo complete metamorphosis
insect - small air-breathing arthropod
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Jacobiascalybica (Bergevin & Zanon 1922) also noun by the common name Cotton Jassid, in profile it look like an orthoptera, is an endopterygota, also known as holometabola, class insecta, on order of Hemiptera, family of Cicadellidae and subfamily of Typhlocybinae[29], [30], which includes according to [27]small sized insects.
The Holometabola, also known as the Endopterygota, are characterized by complete metamorphosis in which a larva hatches from an egg, undergoes several discrete growth increments, eventually becomes a pupa, typically the resting stage, and ends as an emergent adult.
The Endopterygota include several species of Mecopterida and Neuroptera.