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1. Eastern Time
2. elapsed time
3. extraterrestrial


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Ethiopia


the chemical symbol for
(Chemistry) ethyl


abbreviation for
1. (Education) Employment Training: a government scheme offering training in technological and business skills to unemployed people
2. Egypt (international car registration)


a noun suffix occurring orig. in loanwords from French or Italian, typically diminutives or nouns denoting an example or instance of something, or a group or member of a group having a specified number ( bullet; hatchet; islet; turret; doublet; quartet); of limited productivity in English ( baronet; octet; quintuplet; swimmeret), sometimes as a variant of -let before stems ending in syllabic l ( eaglet; owlet).Compare -ette.
[Middle English < Old French -et (masculine) or -ette (feminine); or < Italian -etto,-etta]


or E.T.,

Eastern time.


(US) abbr of Eastern TimeOstküstenzeit f
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Design and synthesis of a specific endothelin 1 antagonist: effects on pulmonary vasoconstriction.
Previous research had shown that endothelin proteins and the EdnrB pathway help control blood vessel development, as well as some aspects of cell growth and division, the scientists say.
Considering the role of ET-1 in the development of proteinuria, the results of a number of experimental studies have pointed to renoprotective action of endothelin receptor blockers [20, 21].
Ito and her team found that when they blocked Wnt signalling it stalled the growth of the stem cells and stopped them from maturing into normally functioning melanocytes, even when endothelin proteins were present.
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Studies have shown that endothelin B receptors are important in brain development.
As per researches, chronic vascular diseases affect the nitric oxide activity much before any change in serum endothelin -1 levels (2) but in our study the apparently healthy overweight/obese and non-obese subjects though indicated the same chronology of biomarker derangement but were inverse quantitatively i.
Endothelin in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma of patients in the early stage of ischemic stroke.
Table 4 shows the variation in the levels of Hcy, Lp(a) and endothelin according to demographic and biochemical characteristics in CAD patients.
The present study was designed to investigate the changes of VEGF (a potent angiogenic factor) and fibrotic genes (TGF-[beta], CTGF and Collagen-1), and the potential protective effect of bosentan (non-selective endothelin receptor antagonist) in diabetic cardiac fibrosis.
The human endothelin family: three structurally and pharmacologically distinct isopeptides predicted by three separate genes.
Their topics include how clinical reality should instruct stroke modeling, focal cerebral ischemia in the mouse and rat using the intraluminal suture-filament model, photochemical and endothelin models of focal brain ischemia, noninvasive brain imaging in small animal stroke models with MRI and PET, behavioral testing in mouse models of stroke, ethics of modeling cerebral ischemia in small animals, and statistics in experimental stroke research from sample size calculation to data description and significance testing.

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