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v. t.1.To endow.
n.1.One who endows.
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The endower designates which generation of his/her heirs will recover full revenue entitlement over the property.
Master of beauty, craftsman of the snowflake, inimitable contriver, endower of Earth so gorgeous & different from the boring Moon, thank you for such as it is my gift.
"It also empowers the non-profit sector and enhances its developmental contributions, creates community participation opportunities, and meets the community's economic and social development needs through investing in the funds of the Endowment Fund and using the Fund's returns to finance the projects and programs of non-profit bodies according to the endower's requirement.
The endower shall also be exempted from any fees related to the Waqf or any amendments made to it, its expenses, terms, replacement or registration.
"The idea that differences in the serotonin gene could make people more prone to depression when stressed was a very reasonable hypothesis," Laura Jean Bierut, Alumni Endower Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University, said in the press release.
It has been presented since 1984 in memory of its endower Professor Dr.
Therefore, despite the fact that Husserl considers the Ego as the endower of meaning (Cf.
Endower or waqif should be free of making decision on how much of their wealth they would like to endowed [7].
Thus, Calimach Code showed that donation revocation happened when "the receiver" (donee) was guilty of "a big discontent" towards "the endower" (donor), also named "good doer." The laws during Caragea regime specified that the gift "will be asked back" when the receiver "will dishonour" the endower, or "will harm," or when "will do bad thinking against him" or when "will make unrighteous complaints," see M.
The unique nanostructural features endower them excellent electrochemical performance with high capacities of 450-650 mAh[g.sup.-1] at 0.5-2C and almost 100% capacity retention over 100 cycles after the second cycle.
Vaclav Havel never forgot that principle nor its Endower. Neither did any of the Cold War seven that laid waste to the Soviet beast.
In the waqf (literally, to retain, to restrain, to reserve) system, private wealth is voluntarily retained and dedicated for the perpetual, free provision of public goods and services in order to serve the larger, public interest of the community, in the hope of generating perpetual spiritual reward to the waqif or endower, who takes to heart the Qur'anic admonishments: la tanalu al-birra hatta tunfiqu mimma tuhibbuna = "you will not attain to piety until you spend of that which you love (Ali 'Imran: 92) and ya ayyuha alladhina amanu anfiqu mimma razaqnakum = O believers, give of what We have provided for you (al-Baqara: 254).