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Noun1.endowment fund - the capital that provides income for an institution
patrimony - a church endowment
chantry - an endowment for the singing of Masses
capital - wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value
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The last time I saw him, which was a few months before he died, he gave me fifty thousand dollars toward our endowment fund. Between these two gifts there were others of generous proportions which came every year from both Mr.
At the event, Dr Siti Hasmah also launched the YUM Knowledge Endowment Fund, a platform to generate more endowment funds from noble individuals and corporate organisations.
He expressed these views while addressing at a ceremony of distribution of cheaques among 33 deserving patients under Balochistan Public Endowment Funds which was organized by Social Welfare department in local Hotal, said press release issued here.
Among others Hameed Akhoond the Secretary of Endowment Funds Trust Sindh, Barrister Shahabuddin Usto, Madam Marvi Mazhar the prominent Architect and , Dr.
He said this while chairing a meeting with regard to utilization of endowment funds of the disaster management and education department here on Thursday.
However, one of the main difficulties in defining the endowment concept is that each nongovernmental organization sets its own definition when working with endowment funds (Miree and Associates Inc, 2003).
NHS ForthValley said it has not used endowment funds to supplement other budgets.
Hit by low returns and starved of lucrative investment avenues, endowment funds of some of the top American universities are betting on Indian stocks.
Exhibits 1 and 2 present the effects of adopting ASU 2016-14 on the statement of financial position and endowment funds, respectively.
The group already has two other endowment funds administered with help from the Oregon Community Foundation: one for the entire park and another for its native plant garden.
The markets had a great 2014, and university endowment funds went along for the ride.