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n.1.Act of enduing; induement.
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Rooted in the Pentecostal-rich Acts chapter 2, this Spirit baptism gave believers an "enduement of power," meaning, a power to be witnesses, a power for mission.
Named after the influential Keswick holiness conferences in England, Keswick holiness focused on the baptism of the Holy Spirit as an enduement of power for witnessing, but not entire sanctification from sin because sanctification was a gradual process.
(39) According to Gordon, the Holy Spirit was "Christ's other Self," "the invisible image of Christ" who indwelled each believer with an enduement of power for service and witness through the experience known as the baptism of the Spirit.
In place of xenolalia, participants in the "new Pentecost" came to focus on a phrase from Acts 1:8: "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you." The baptism with the Holy Spirit was "enduement with power for service." If it did not deliver a tangible result like immediate linguistic fluency, it did testify to possession of the divine power necessary for effective Christian witness anywhere.
The distinctive mark of Pentecostalism--Spiritbaptism as an enduement of power for witness with attending glossolalia (speaking in tongues)--was correlated with the inherited understandings of sanctification resident within different sectors of these holiness and revival movements.
This includes not just the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the cleansing from all inbred sin but also a coincident enduement with power upon the sanctified.
He strongly affirmed not only the enduement with power for service but also "the sanctitying work of the Spirit, especially with regard to dedication to God and the manifestation of His love," as long as one understands that real growth in grace takes place through service.
Pentecostal/charismatic mission theology maintains that baptism in the Holy Spirit is the indispensable enduement of power necessary for Christian mission (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8); that Jesus, the exalted Mediator between God and man, is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit (Matt.
that the Pentecostal baptism of the Holy Ghost is an enduement of power for those who have clean hearts, and the initial evidence of the reception of this experience is speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.
The sanctified life of discipleship was one empowered by God.(62) An enduement of divine grace was considered the necessary condition for living according to the will of God.
Their interaction with society is sharpened by a personal sense that, despite the circumstances, the Holy Spirit has been bestowed upon them as an "enduement of power." They are God's instruments, even if their contextual reality may systematically deny them access to basic human rights, marginalize them to huge slums and shantytowns, or refuse them access to political and social opportunity.
Calling the volunteers to a "sanctified common sense" at the Fourth International Convention of the SVM in Toronto, Canada, in 1902, he pronounced that even with a special divine enduement of power, the Holy Spirit "will not in a miraculous way impart to you the gift of tongues.