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Besides, the notion of a city naturally precedes that of a family or an individual, for the whole must necessarily be prior to the parts, for if you take away the whole man, you cannot say a foot or a hand remains, unless by equivocation, as supposing a hand of stone to be made, but that would only be a dead one; but everything is understood to be this or that by its energic qualities and powers, so that when these no longer remain, neither can that be said to be the same, but something of the same name.
In the wild spirits one faces the undead and unborn,--the stuff of unabating and non-metabolised energic generativity that both chums out and consummates its own self-differentiation into the luno-solar life-and-death flow.
75) affirms that Phoenician follows the Northwest Semitic pattern in its verbal system: qatala (perfect), yaqtul (short imperfect/preterite-jussive), yaqtulu (long imperfect/present-future), and energic yaqtulan(na).
Both have three conjugations, the indicative has the preterite yaqtul, the imperfect yaqtulu and the energic yaqtulun(n)a, the injunctive has the jussive yaqtul, the volitive yaqtula (indistinguishable from the Akkadian ventive) and the energic yaqtulan(n)a (vol.
After an introductory section ([section]71) and a brief section providing counts of verbal forms in the entire Ugaritic corpus and in the poetic corpus ([section]72), the finite and nonfinite forms of the G stem are presented ([section]73): imperative, prefix-conjugation(s), suffix-conjugation, verbal adjectives (active and passive participles), verbal nouns, and verbs with the energic ending.
It is associated with an energic action of the body and/or mind and with the attributes hard, exhausting, productive, and hardworking.
This mysterious substance is likened to electricity or an "atmospheric magnetism" which has attained "unity in natural energic agencies.
Jin, coming into the free skate in fifth, rode on the energic wave of Dragon Racing to present a difficult routine which earned him 181.
ENERGIC OD will address these problems by adopting a broker architectural approach, designed and developed in recent research activities and implemented in.
French brand Darphin has added a Replumping Energic Cream to its Vitalskin range, which is derived from up to 85% natural ingredients.
Darphin Vitalskin Replumping Energic Cream, PS39 Sometimes it is worth splashing out and when it comes to your skin, you don't need an excuse.
Nu-i auzea vorbele, dar ii vedea mana care taia energic aerul: o man ape care-i fu imposibil s-o recunoasca, era mana unei straine.

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