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Noun1.Energy Department - the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States; created in 1977
executive department - a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States
Department of Energy Intelligence, DOEI - an agency that collects political and economic and technical information about energy matters and makes the Department of Energy's technical and analytical expertise available to other members of the Intelligence Community
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Energy Department Section Officer (SO) Zahid Manzoor was promoted and posted as deputy secretary in the Energy Department.
Shaikh Nawaf Al Khalifa received here today Chairman of Energy Department and member of Abu Dhabi Executive Council Eng.
The Secretary Finance will be its chairman while Secretary Energy, Secretary Local Government and HTP and Consultant (EM and RC) Energy Department, Sindh will be its members and Additional Secretary (Power), Energy Department, Government of Sindh be its Member/Secretary, said a statement on Friday.
KARACHI -- The government of Sindh, has constituted a Committee to address the issues pertaining to the payment of monthly electricity bills of various departments/ entities of Government of Sindh with Secretary, Finance Department, Government of Sindh as its Chairman, while Secretary Energy Department, Government of Sindh, Secretary Local Government and HTP Department, Government of Sindh, Consultant (EM and RC) Energy Department, Government of Sindh will be its members and Additional Secretary (Power), Energy Department, Government of Sindh be its Member / Secretary.
Possible factors included heavy rainfall in early May and deterioratiang wood according to the Energy Department.
The Committee after presentation from the Representative from Provincial Energy Department regarding utilization of royalty transferred to the provinces by the Federal Government and Productivity Bonus, directed for inclusion of a Member of the National Assembly from the oil producing districts in the Committees responsible for overseeing the utilization of the said funds.
Through this agreement, the Energy Department and APPA will pursue collaborative efforts to advance EV adoption and charging infrastructure deployment for private vehicles, commercial fleets, transportation for passengers and commerce, and other efforts that will help displace petroleum with grid-sourced electricity as a transportation fuel.
The fund, which reports to the energy department, said it had applied to buy a 75 per cent stake in Chevron's refinery and such downstream assets as retail service stations.
The Energy Department has approved projects that may send as much as 10 Bcf/d of U.
Energy Department report on last year's radiation accident at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad showed that a drum of waste containing radioisotopes like plutonium was improperly packaged at the Los Alamos National Laboratory near Santa Fe before arriving for disposal.
THE ENERGY DEPARTMENT HAS AWARDED NEARLY $67 MILLION TO 83 projects in nuclear energy research and infrastructure enhancement.
The Energy Department will establish two reserve locations near New York Harbor and in New England.