Energy Star Program

En′ergy Star` Pro`gram

a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency encouraging the manufacture of electric and electronic appliances and devices, as refrigerators or personal computers, that can reduce their energy consumption.
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companies, including some of the nation's largest manufacturers, are urging Congress to preserve the 25-year-old Energy Star program to promote efficiency in home and business products.
This survey is a product of work conducted by the Green Sports Alliance, EPA's ENERGY STAR program, the Department of Energy and the National Institute of Building Sciences.
Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) ENERGY STAR Program, what its logo means on appliances and were encouraged to visit the informative and fun ENERGY STAR KIDS interactive website.
Through consistent enhancements to our energy initiatives year after year, Cemex demonstrates a true commitment to its sustainability goals, and looks forward to continuing its work with the EPA's ENERGY STAR program to attain them.
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star program to address light quality, specifically color rendering, in its new lamp specification.
Furthermore, apart from the obvious cost savings in the form of lower energy utility bills, the Emirates Energy Star program will help the organisation decrease pollution, water consumption and resultant waste.
3 million per year; and c) working with senior executives in national building materials manufacturing associations to promote good energy efficiency practices and encourage them to promote participation in the Energy Star program among their members.
The Emirates Energy Star program will help building owners with an initial audit that would identify potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).
Signing the agreement and joining the Energy Star Program are major breakthroughs for GlacialLight.
American consumers, businesses, and federal agencies rely on the Energy Star program to identify products that decrease greenhouse emissions and lower energy costs.
The Energy Star program got a wake-up call in March after certifying a gas-powered alarm clock with its energy efficient seal.