energy bar

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en′ergy bar`

a bar-shaped food having a high carbohydrate and protein content, supplemented with vitamins and minerals.
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Over the past year, we have not only listened to what consumers think about Trek, but also what they want and need from an energy bar.
And at Phoenix-based Sprouts Farmers Market stores, an energy bar destination aisle sits in grocery, but is close to vitamins and supplements.
Recharge yourself and your device with Sony s Protein Energy Bar.
Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook" by Camillia V.
She owes her powerhouse performance to her natural ability, and often an energy bar.
If you discount the morning snack of bagels, the Energy Bar is the #1 go-to at track meets.
Eating an energy bar while driving to the homebrewing supply store, t realized that energy bar flavors are similar to the ingredients in craft-brewed beers.
What, asks Lu Ann Williams, Head of Research for Innova Market Insights, was its significance in terms of the energy bar market as a whole?
The Duck Shop at the UO Bookstore now carries an all-natural buffalo and cranberry energy bar, a modern artisanal take on a traditional Native American recipe for "wasna" or "pemmican.
Wayfayrer Foods is launching a Fairtrade energy bar in its first foray beyond prepared meals.
Everything you expect from an energy bar, with the great taste you expect from Snickers," promises the ad for Snickers Marathon Energy Bars.
Those bars are highly processed (you won't find an energy bar growing on a tree).