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n.1.The act of infolding. See Infoldment.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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His Highness praised the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs, led by the minister Hisham Al Jowder, and all the ministry staffs, in the successful organisation of Youth City 2030 which is the first ever role model of its type in the region and the enfoldment of noble patriotic goals for youth, praising Tamkeen's support to the City which reflects its strategy aimed to promote the status of Bahraini youth.
All matter unfolds out of the implicate order to form the explicate or unfolded order in a continuous equilibrium of enfoldment and unfoldment.
Such enfoldment happens through turning the state into not merely an instrument of violent class rule through extraction, but also part-and-parcel of everyday social reproduction.
In brief, it must hold the perpetual tension between 1) its experiences of separateness, and distinctiveness and 2) its connective enfoldment with worlding.
This was running in parallel with all-round enfoldment of agenda of RSS combine.
She covers the people in the land and the land in the people, First Nations' identity through a history of struggle, the poetics of self and land, poetics and stories among coastal First Nations, the poiesis of land in interior storyscapes, the poiesis of enfoldment within the Stein Valley storyscape, and being-on-the-land and the indigenous experience.
Many later eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artists attempted to model what Geoffrey Batchen calls "a dynamic enfoldment of opposites, a movement that incorporates without synthesizing the conceptual poles nature-culture, real-ideal, general-particular, science--art, object-subject, reflection-expression." (79) De Quincey frequently articulates this dilemma, and the pathetic delights it offers, through intricate, serpentine sighs.
The traveller comes home, the high heavens open their gates and the loving enfoldment unfolds.
Enfoldment and Infinity." An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art.
Man was a "...unit of force, an energy, a will, a germ of infinite power, the gradual enfoldment of which must be the object of all human activity."15 For him therefore spiritual growth involved the metamorphosis of the will.
Among their topics are moving verbal complexes in Spanish, the notion of topic and the problem of quantification in Hungarian, enfoldment as economy, Quechua P-soup, a new perspective on event participants in psychological states and events, and circumstantial evidence for dative shift.
Enduring time, Salleh writes, 'connotes the enfoldment of time in pleasure and suffering, hardiness and commitment, stability and security'.