Engelmann spruce

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En·gel·mann spruce

A western North American spruce (Picea engelmannii) having blue-green needles, cones with diamond-shaped scales, and scaly bark.

[After George Engelmann (1809-1884), German-born American botanist.]
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Noun1.Engelmann spruce - tall spruce of Rocky Mountains and British Columbia with blue-green needles and acutely conic crown; wood used for rough lumber and boxes
spruce - any coniferous tree of the genus Picea
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While ice crystallizes across the Gallatin River, a forest of Engelmann spruces darkens the shorelines and mountain slopes.
F-values for the effects of SCF process variables: pressurization rate (PR), treatment pressure (TP), and venting rate (VR) on bending properties for Douglas-fir, yellow-poplar, western redcedar, and Engelmann spruces.
Bending properties in western redcedar and Engelmann spruce were reduced significantly after SCF treatment.
2] treatments, including process variables such as pressurization rate (PR), venting rate (VR), and treatment pressure (TP), on the bending properties and treatment defects induced in refractory heartwood samples from Douglas-fir, Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii Parry), western redcedar, and yellow-poplar.
The Douglas-fir, western redcedar, and Engelmann spruce were purchased locally.
Western redcedar and Engelmann spruce exhibited the most severe defects after treatment.
VR and was also observed in one Engelmann spruce sample.