Engine lathe

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a turning lathe in which the cutting tool has an automatic feed; - used chiefly for turning and boring metals, cutting screws, etc.

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Today, most of David's work is accomplished on an engine lathe and milling machine.
Students then begin using traditional manual machines such as the vertical knee mill, the engine lathe and the surface grinder, earning certifications from the National Institute of Metalworking Skills along the way," he said.
An engine lathe is seldom economical in lots above 100, and a turret lathe is best adapted to tots of 100 to 500.
The engine lathe, invented by David Wilkinson in the United States and by Henry Maudslay in Britain, had little diffused in America.
Tenders are invited for Supply of item -universal milling machine (light duty milling machine), engine lathe, surface grinder machine shaper machine, drill tool dynamometer, radial drill machine 50 mm, gas metal arc welding set up, dc tungsten inert welder (gtaw), submerged arc welding, for Production Lab of Mechanical Engineering
and Ken Davis, Hollis, Maine, who writes: "Item A is a drift used to remove taper shank drills (tools) from a drill spindle or the taper in an engine lathe tail stock.
Vertical spindle/reciprocating table: This type is particularly suited for grinding long and narrow castings like the bedways of an engine lathe.
This has a tool post very similar to that used on the engine lathe.
Lathe to be ACRA Model 14x40-TE Precision Engine Lathe or equal.
As far back as 1850 there were efforts to develop variations of an engine lathe that could be operated by a relatively unskilled person for mass producing machined parts.
The term "compound" is derived from the compound slide utilized on an engine lathe when threading.
Miles Arnone learned the machinist trade while working his way through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), running a 1945 engine lathe.

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