Engineer Corps

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En`gi`neer´ Corps

1.In the United States army, the Corps of Engineers, a corps of officers and enlisted men consisting of one band and three battalions of engineers commanded by a brigadier general, whose title is Chief of Engineers. It has charge of the construction of fortifications for land and seacoast defense, the improvement of rivers and harbors, the construction of lighthouses, etc., and, in time of war, supervises the engineering operations of the armies in the field.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We were taken to Kainji for 14 weeks training, after which we returned to Lagos and were posted to Nigerian Army Engineer Corps, Ede.
The Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA) announces a new scholarship type available for the children and grandchildren of US Navy Seabees and Civil Engineer Corps Officers.
Immediately following the failed rescue attempt, the army's engineer corps began experimenting with making smaller, more potent devices that would enable soldiers to break down doors or windows without attracting too much attention and without hurting any civilians who may also be inside.
"The army will have to keep up the trend of democracy and constitution and make more important contributions to establishing a modern, developed and prosperous Bangladesh," she told the 6th Reunion of the Bangladesh Army Engineer Corps at the Engineer Centre and School of Military Engineering (ECSME) at Qadirabad Cantonment in Natore.
Other communities that fall under PERS 44 include: the Chaplain Corps (PERS 4414), Civil Engineer Corps (PERS 4413), Engineering Duty (PERS 445), Human Resources (PERS 4421), JAG Corps (PERS 4416), Medical/Dental Corps (PERS 4415), and Public Affairs (PERS 448).
A statement from the Israeli military further said the operation will include the use of "infantry, armoured corps, engineer corps, artillery and intelligence combined with aerial and naval support".
Carey recently retired from the US Navy Reserve after serving 25 years with the rank of captain in the Civil Engineer Corps.
Jack was commissioned in the United States Army serving as a Lieutenant in the Civil Engineer corps where he volunteered to serve two combat tours during the Vietnam War.
But the new order for the all-terrain vehicles to be used by the Army's Engineer Corps specifies that the trucks must be able to operate in a flood relief role.
In early 2008 the US gave $23 million in military aid to the Egyptians to stop the tunnels, sending in a team from the engineer corps to advise and train in several techniques, including ground-penetrating radar.
Egyptian peacekeepers from the Engineer Corps stand at attention after arriving at the UNAMID headquarters, on the outskirts of El Fasher, July 24, 2008 (Reuters)
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