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By the engine stood a dark motionless being, a sooty and grimy embodiment of tallness, in a sort of trance, with a heap of coals by his side: it was the engineman.
He said he hadn't experienced any exertional fatigue or difficulty completing the rigorous physical tasks of his occupation as an engineman on the ship.
The Kirks lived in a prefabricated bungalow-style house sold by Sears and Roebuck, His father, Russell Andrew Kirk, was a railroad engineman who had left school before the sixth grade and read only newspapers.
Bernie selects Seaman Richard Livesey (Ben Foster), Seaman Ervin Maske (John Magaro) and Engineman Third Class Andrew Fitzgerald (Kyle Gallner) for the mission.
April 4, 2016) Engineman 2nd Class Sharice Floyd, a recruit division commander, ensures the proper fit of Seaman Recruit Megan Marte's white enlisted hat, or "Dixie cup," during uniform issue at Recruit Training Command, Marte was among the first female recruits to be issued the Dixie cup as part of the Navy's efforts for uniformity in service members' uniforms, U, S, Navy photo by Sue Krawczyk
Not quite engineering, but a shovel for my work as an engineman on a heritage railway.
Bell remained in the Aleutians until October 1945, finishing his service as an engineman with the 11th Fighter Control Squadron.
Before adoption of the ATCF concept, the staffing level for a GCA unit consisted of 15 controllers, three technicians, one engineman and two officers: an officer-in-charge and an approach controller.
The other N4 divisions and their incumbent officers include N41 Current Operations (COPS) (LCDR/3100); N42 Future Operations (FOPS) (7th Fleet Staff LT/3100 and Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Yokosuka (ADDU LCDR/3100); N43 Fleet Maintenance (LCDR/1110 and LT/1110, Chief Engineman and First Class Boatswain Mate) and N44 Ordnance (LCDR/6360 LDO).
In 1798 George Stephenson at 17 was learning the '3 Rs' at night class, it was his first schooling paid from his wages as an engineman.
I can put an engineman onboard LCS to do diesel engine maintenance, or I could have that engineman on a shore organization do diesel maintenance on three, four, five, six ships, so I'm able to utilize him much more efficiently to do the maintenance tasks," he said.