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n.1.A favorite; a paramour; an ingle.
v. t.1.To cajole or coax, as favorite.
I 'll presently go and engle some broker.
- B. Jonson.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Before Phase III could begin, however, the defendants again appealed to the Third District, seeking to overturn both class certification and the historic punitive damages award under the Phase II final judgment (Engle II).
Film-maker Vanessa Engle made the programme by shadowing the regular dog walkers of London's Hampstead Heath over a 12-month period, often managing to eke really intimate details from them by simply asking anodyne questions like, "What's your dog called?" and then just keeping schtum and letting the camera run.
Longtime Republican activist Richard Engle has served the Republican Party in Oklahoma diligently since 1988.
LOS ANGELES (CyHAN)- Retired Air Force test pilot and NASA astronaut Joe Engle recalled the legacy of the famed X-15 rocket plane recently during a colloquium at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center.
"When we began developing Z Tags' new web site in 2010, we were amazed at the satisfaction level of their customer base," recalls Steve Engle, President, Engle Creative Solutions, LLC.
Such was the case when high wind predictions prompted Washington waterfowler Ralph Engle to hunt a creek inlet on the Snake River rather than venturing out on the main flow.
Melville Engle, chairman and chief executive officer of ThermoGenesis said that the AXP approval in India comes as the company expects the product to be approved in China.
The aim of this article is to contribute to the aforementioned discussions as it examines Margarita Engle's Singing to Cuba and Skywriting and especially how the voyage to Cuba is represented in both of these novels.
Prescott Engle already had chosen a career path when his uncle, an attorney who owned an insurance company, asked Engle to join the firm and save it from sinking.
Engle also contends that by asserting static, essentialized notions of indigenous culture, indigenous rights advocates have often made concessions that threaten to exclude many claimants, force others into norms of cultural cohesion, and limit indigenous economic, political, and territorial autonomy.
Eric Engle, a brilliant theoretician and burgeoning leader of the field of legal philosophy, generously accepted an invitation to guest edit this edition.