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Noun1.Friedrich Engels - socialist who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx in 1848 (1820-1895)Friedrich Engels - socialist who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx in 1848 (1820-1895)
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Earlier this month, the college announced it had received the donation from Dartmouth alumni Molly and Gregg Engles. A Dartmouth trustee, Gregg Engles is a founding partner of Capitol Peak Partners, a Denver-based private equity firm.
And Engles work in developing pitching artistry from 1980-98 at Barrington and at Dundee-Crown led to his election into the Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
Review of Walt Whitman, Jack Engles Leben und Abenteuer and Das abenteuerliche Leben des Jack Engle [Life and Adventures of Jack Engle].
McPeak will continue to report to Chairman of the Board and CEO Gregg Engles. To further strengthen WhiteWave's management structure, Kevin Yost, president of Americas Fresh Foods, will be promoted to U.S.
Beatrice radio station KWBE ( reports that former Auburn Mayor Bob Engles and other members of the Southeast Career Development Committee made the request at meeting of the Southeast Community College board in Lincoln.
Describing agroecology as a science, a practice, and part of a social movement focused on transforming food systems to sustainability, Gliessman and Engles present a textbook for teaching ecology in the context of agriculture or agriculture in the context of ecology.
And they weren't there for the free ice cream promotion -- rowdy students skipped studying to wave big-headed posters of the Highlanders and coach Jim Engles, continuously chanting ''N-J-I-T'' hundreds of times.
Also present in the interview were partner Enriquez, "The Amazing Race: Philippines" host Derek Ramsay and Kelvin Engles and John Paul "JP" Duray of Team Mr.
Engles, PhD has been named chairman of its board of directors.
Its CEO and chairman Gregg Engles said in a comment that the spin-off allows WhiteWave increased flexibility to build its portfolio.
"The cost reduction strategy we have been pursuing is our single most important area of focus", said Dean Foods' CEO Gregg Engles.
Bernon was replaced as president of Dean's Dairy Group last year when company CEO Gregg Engles decided to take "direct responsibility" of the division.