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Noun1.English springer - a breed having typically a black-and-white coatEnglish springer - a breed having typically a black-and-white coat
springer spaniel, springer - a large spaniel with wavy silky coat usually black or liver and white
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MEET Joshua from the RSPCA Bryn Y Maen: Fun-loving Joshua is a young English Springer Spaniel, thought to be aged a little under one year.
Say hello to Beach and Pebbles, our English springer spaniel sisters.
| English Springer Spaniel Clubs of Scotland Championship show at 10.30am in Crawfordjohn Public Hall.
There's a story about a couple of Gordon Setters which regularly give blood and have saved the lives of up to 140 pooches, and one owner explains how his English Springer Spaniels saved him in his hour of need.
Training with DUTCHESS, a 3-year-old English springer spaniel of Springer Brook Farm in Stillwater, New Jersey.
Poodles, English springer spaniels, Brittanys, cocker spaniels, English setters, pointers, German shepherd dogs, Maltese and Yorkshire terriers are at higher risk of developing breast or mammary tumors.
In fact, you could argue that it's a completely different category than a drone that weighs as much as an English Springer Spaniel.
The 14-month-old English Springer Spaniel underwent weeks of training with Durham Constabulary dog support unit before they realised that he has the "attention span of a fish".
Researchers identified 30 possible cases of Alabama rot, including in five English springer spaniels, four flat-coated retrievers and two border collies.
An English springer spaniel, named Liz, won the sporting group; Charlie, won in the terrier group; and a Portuguese water dog, named Matisse, won in the working group on Tuesday evening.

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