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Eng′lish sys`tem

the foot-pound-second system of measurement.
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Noun1.English system - a system of weights and measures based on the foot and pound and second and pintEnglish system - a system of weights and measures based on the foot and pound and second and pint
system of weights and measures - system of measurement for length and weight and duration
avoirdupois unit - any of the units of the avoirdupois system of weights
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The derived English system adopted from the French (1) rime and (2) identical line-length, and retained from the Anglo-Saxon (3) regularity of stress.
It is true that the separation of the equity from the legal jurisdiction is peculiar to the English system of jurisprudence: which is the model that has been followed in several of the States.
Coventry Central, the pivot of the English system, stabs upward once in ten seconds its spear of diamond light to the north; and a point or two off our starboard bow The Leek, the great cloud-breaker of Saint David's Head, swings its unmistakable green beam twenty-five degrees each way.
"Rather than play someone in the English system it's good to have something different.
The Speaker on the occasion Mairede Thomas complains of was in fact exactly applying a valid convention of the English system under the "absolute control" of UK administration without any interference from the "much hated" EU law.
Club chairman Bill Murray told a supporters meeting on Monday the Llanelian Road-based outfit needs PS100,000 a year more in revenue to remain competitive in the English system.
"The club needs [pounds sterling]100,000 a year more revenue to stay competitive in the English system and with lack support from the town in terms people coming to games and business investment, that is looking impossible.
"They see a blockage at the top of the English system and can create an avenue for these highly-talented young men to play a volume of minutes that is essential for them to become top-quality players."
Born in Cardiff, he is the son of former Wales lock Steve Moore and nephew of ex-Wales captain Andy Moore, but he has been brought through the English system and the decision for him has long been whether to pledge his allegiance to the land of his birth or the country that developed him.
It considers his work as a comparative educator and his criticisms of the English system as deficient in comparison to others, such as the French and German ones.
The EFL announced on Friday that the revamp would not involve Premier League B teams or clubs currently outside the English system following the first phase of consultation.

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