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Noun1.English teacher - someone who teaches EnglishEnglish teacher - someone who teaches English    
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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Cathy is a sufficiently good little scholar, for her nine years; her mother taught her Spanish herself, and kept it always fresh upon her ear and her tongue by hardly ever speaking with her in any other tongue; her father was her English teacher, and talked with her in that language almost exclusively; French has been her everyday speech for more than seven years among her playmates here; she has a good working use of governess - German and Italian.
Drawing on his own experience, Ma, a former English teacher and the founder of Alibaba Group, which owns the South China Morning Post, said a teacher's encouragement could play a decisive role in a child's future.
If you know of any suitably qualified English teacher who is available but not currently registered with Stirling Council, please do let me know.
The first was the English teacher who gave a love of Dylan Thomas and Wilfred Owen, and Mr Davies was a history teacher who taught me medieval and Tudor music, the love for which has stayed with me all my life.
College English teacher participants evaluated the leadership style of their supervisors in terms of discipline, authority, paternalistic kindness, and moral integrity.
This e-course on critical thinking has been a gateway to empower me in rethinking and redesigning my teaching pedagogy and the way I give instructions, said Saima Abedi, an English teacher for the U.
Pupils need the extra help due to a shortage of teachers at Marr College in Troon, Ayrshire, SNP councillor Nan McFarlane said: "This is a huge issue and, given the amount of parents who have spoken to me, there are dozens of families who have had to resort to private tuition because of the lack of, for instance, a principal English teacher at the school.
Sixth Form English teacher Paul Telfer developed the app, basing it on his previously published book, How to Write a UCAS Personal Statement.
Data by the Education Trust-West study found, for example, that a Hispanic or African-American student is more than three times as likely as a White or Asian student to be assigned an English teacher from the bottom quarter of teacher rankings and nearly two times as likely to be assigned a low value-added math teacher.
Retired Regional English Language Officer (RELO) Richard Boyum described Forum as a journal "of the English teacher, by the English teacher and for the English teacher.
So do take note of the range of writing here; there is something of interest for every English teacher with drama in mind.
Rafe Esquith, a fifth- and sixth-grade teacher from Los Angeles; Paul Fry, an English teacher at Yale; Rembert Herbert, a high school English teacher in New York City; Bridget Lambright, a high school English teacher from Cleveland; Melanie Mann, a high school child-care provider in Miami; Steven Miller, a sixth-grade teacher from Rialto, Calif.