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Noun1.English yew - predominant yew in EuropeEnglish yew - predominant yew in Europe; extraordinarily long-lived and slow growing; one of the oldest species in the world
yew - any of numerous evergreen trees or shrubs having red cup-shaped berries and flattened needlelike leaves
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Today it is T - Taxus, commonly known as English Yew, these popular conifers can be seen in all shapes and sizes around Great Britain.
Every bit of the English yew has toxic taxine alkaloids except the berry flesh.
Constructed using English yew, what makes it unique is that it contains themed gardens, including an idyll of 200 roses, a Japanese Zen garden and a tropical and butterfly garden too.
The trees concerned were evergreen English yew, which are mainly found in churchyards and stately homes as they are poisonous to animals.
Pictures: LISA CAREY; LITTLE GEMS: Caran gana (above) and Japanese kihyome maple (below); LOVING CARE: Ron tends to a miniature English yew
The classic garden boundary is the English yew, taxus baccata.
The bows are often called English longbows, but historians say wood from Spanish yew trees was better suited to making the bows than English yew.
Second, we used the English yew, which is a common ornamental shrub, instead of the rare Pacific yew.