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In Arthurian legend, the loyal wife of Geraint.


(European Myth & Legend) (in Arthurian legend) the faithful wife of Geraint


(ˈi nɪd)

a city in N Oklahoma. 50,363.
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Noun1.Enid - a town in north central Oklahoma
OK, Oklahoma, Sooner State - a state in south central United States
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The Enid Chamber of Commerce has proven themselves a real asset to the Enid community over the years by bringing a unified voice to the state and federal level, Inhofe said.
Beck is director of business and industry services at Autry Technology Center in Enid.
Former Tesco worker Enid said of their happy life: "You've got to love each other, care for the other when they're ill, and share your life together, including money.
Yn fam weddw ganol oed, yn athrawes biano ac yn gonglfaen ei changen leol o Ferched y Wawr, mae Enid yn bortread o'r fenyw draddodiadol Gymreig.
Enid a Sunday 10 9.00, A widowed mother, a piano teacher and a solid member of the local branch of Merched y Wawr, Enid is a perfect example of a 'traditional' Welsh woman.
Sheep nick-nack: 1 Jean Gemmell; 2 Enid Graham; 3 Irene Young.
Crammed in the loft space of a Harborne terrace is Enid's incredible story, told in airmail letters to her mother and sister, Joyce.
Tiff and Scott's new home was previously owned by Enid's sister Joyce Steadman, also a spinster.
While speaking with (http://ew.com/tv/2017/10/14/the-walking-dead-season-8-katelyn-nacon-enid/) Entertainment Weekly , Nacon said that (http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Enid_(TV_Series)) Enid will become very much involved in the upcoming episodes.
Colin was a self-employed insurance broker in Darlington and Enid worked for Barclaycard.
Enid met Raymond, a butcher by trade, through his sister, Mary, who she worked with at the Hadrian Stores.
Established immigration attorney and notable Hispanic/Latino rights advocate, Enid Gonzalez Aleman's public debuts in on radio and in print have been received positively by both readers and listeners alike.