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Noun1.Yenisei River - a Russian river in SiberiaYenisei River - a Russian river in Siberia; rises in mountains near the Mongolian border and flows generally northward into the Kara Sea
Siberia - a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
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At the same time, vast parts of it remained uncharted; Beer shows us how a new maritime route was opened from the Enisei River through the Kara and Barents seas, creating new opportunities for the exploitation of Siberia's natural resources by Russian entrepreneurs.
(1) The sailboat had just completed the first ever successful maritime voyage from the Enisei River in eastern Siberia, through the Kara Sea and the Barents Sea, around the northern coast of Scandinavia to Varde, and then by way of Christiana (Oslo), Stockholm, and Helsingfors (Helsinki) to the Russian capital.
Yet by the time the Dawn reached the Customs House on Vasil'evskii Island, it bore only four of the five crew members who had set out from the Enisei River on 9 August.