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 (splē′nō-mĕg′ə-lē, splĕn′ō-)
n. pl. sple·no·meg·a·lies
Enlargement of the spleen.


(Pathology) pathol abnormal enlargement of the spleen
[C20: from Greek splēno-, from splēn spleen + megalo-, from megas large + -y3]


(ˌspli noʊˈmɛg ə li, ˌsplɛn oʊ-)

enlargement of the spleen.
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Noun1.splenomegaly - an abnormal enlargement of the spleen
hypertrophy - abnormal enlargement of a body part or organ
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He had suffered for years from an enlarged spleen, but he now became rapidly worse, and towards the end of April we were informed that he was beyond all hope, and that he wished to make a last communication to us.
With a rising temperature and enlarged spleen the gravely ill little boy was airlifted to the Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Samples of both the enlarged spleen and the mesenteric lymph EoACA nodes were taken and sent to a specialist laboratory in the UK for EoACA examination.
McMullen had cirrhosis of the liver and an enlarged spleen that was four to five times the size of a normal spleen.
Symptoms range from an enlarged liver, an enlarged spleen, enlarged lymph nodes, increased white blood cells, jaundice and anemia.
An enlarged spleen and liver may also occur in Gaucher disease as well as bone pain, degeneration and fractures.
Other clues included abdominal pain during examination and a palpable enlarged spleen or tender liver.
An enlarged liver will be apparent on the right side of the stomach and an enlarged spleen on the left.
In the 107 years since Philippe Gaucher wrote his doctoral thesis about a Parisian patient with an enlarged spleen, physicians have remained baffled by the disease that today bears his name.
The presence of an enlarged spleen can be more precisely determined, by liver spleen radionuclide scan, CT, MRI or USG.
Jakafi s safety and effectiveness to treat polycythemia vera were evaluated in a clinical study involving 222 participants who had the disease for at least 24 weeks, had an inadequate response to or could not tolerate hydroxyurea, had undergone a phlebotomy procedure and exhibited an enlarged spleen. Participants were randomly assigned to receive Jakafi or the best available therapy, as determined by the investigator on a participant-by-participant basis.
A lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphocytes and shows up as enlarged lymph glands, a large liver and sometimes an enlarged spleen. There are two types of lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.