v. t.1.To make new.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Customer Satisfaction: It is the definitive aim of every organization because the organizations now have understood a satisfied customer is linked to the profitability and market share and retention of the customers (Hallowell, 1996; Yeung and Ennew, 2000).
Decision-makers will often seek to minimize these search costs (Saad and Edward Russo 1996) by gravitating toward sources of information that are more easily accessible (Culnan 1983), a tendency with significant implications for home loan-borrowing decisions (Devlin and Ennew 1997; Harrison 2000).
McKechnie, Devlin, Ennew, & Smith (2012), state that lots of characteristics of price presentations significantly influence consumer perceptions of a deal.
The new statement on the investigation and subsequent disciplinary action was issued by University of Warwick Provost, Professor Christine Ennew.
In an open letter, one woman targeted in the chat asked the university: "You expect us to study alongside these men?" Prof Christine Ennew, Provost, said the appeal panel "did not challenge culpability", adding: "This behaviour goes completely against our values."
The relationship between perceived service quality and customer satisfaction has been consistently proven in marketing literature (Ennew & Binks, 1999; Lee, Lee, & Yoo, 2000).
- buying and consume behavior (Ayeh, Au, & Law, 2013; Couture et al., 2015; Ert & Fleischer, 2016; Gregori, Daniele, & Altinay, 2014; Fesenmaier et al., 2011; Hallo et al., 2012; Lamsfus et al., 2015; Park & Tussyadiah, 2017; Sabiote-Ortiz, Frias-Jamilena, & Castaneda-Garcia, 2016; Mohd-Any, Winklhofer, & Ennew, 2015; Schroeder & Pennington-Gray, 2015; Tanford, Baloglu, & Erdem, 2012; Tang & Jang, 2012; Tigre Moura, Gnoth, & Deans, 2015; Tseng et al., 2015; Tussyadh & Wang, 2016; Wang, So, & Sparks, 2017; Xiang, Wang, O'Leary, & Fesenmaier, 2015; Yacouel & Fleischer, 2012);
Wright, Robbie, and Ennew (1997b) found that venture capitalists do not uniformly embrace serial entrepreneurs and that researchers should take care when assessing experienced entrepreneurs.
Davidoff, Simon; Pachauri, Moneesha; Ennew, Christine y Lockett, Andy (2002), A Study of Business to Consumer Internet Intermediaries: An Assessment of Current Performance, The University of Nottingham in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
Ennew and Binks (1999) examined over 1,200 small firms which investigate the impact of customers' satisfaction retention.