v. t.1.To clear of knots; to make clear.
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[9] 3rd Generation Partnership Project and Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects, "Service requirements for Home Node B (HNB) and Home eNode B (HeNB) (Rel 12)," 3GPP TS 22.220 V12.0.0, 2012.
Line (1) to Line (10) are initialization phase; in this phase AP and eNode exchange the clients information with each other and utilize this information to calculate [N.sub.l](i) and [N.sub.w](i) in Line (4) and Line (7) separately.
The equipment parameters of an outdoor 4G BS (which is generally called eNode B and widely deployed throughout the world) produced by FUJITSU [17] are shown in Table 1.
On top of that, a whitespace base station covers twice the area covered by a typical LTE station, and 20 times that of a single 2GHz enode, which reduces imminent infrastructure costs drastically.
Basically, femtocell are based on Access Point Base Station and it is called as Home Node B (HNB) or in other term as Home eNode B (HeNB) [6].
It features next-generation firewalling for packet core security; encryption from the eNode B to small cells, for secure data backhaul; and enables intelligent mobile data offloading to WiFi networks.
Integration of the eNode B Base Station and Security Products has enabled new business opportunities in the Mobile SDN, networking and compute segments,” said Noy Kucuk, Vice President of Marketing, Networking Solutions Group at LSI Corporation.
In order to mine more valuable knowledge from sensors triggering history data, a complete trajectory set [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] should satisfy [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are FUNCTIONAL sensors which have a similar purpose with bNode and eNode in [14] (valid trajectory must begin with bNode (signed-come) and end with eNode (signed-leave)).
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Sequans AIR is designed to work in any LTE network (TDD or FDD), regardless of eNode B, carrier frequency or channel bandwidth.
EXFO's SoftHawk Protocol Analyzer, iPro probes and Brix Service Assurance system were used to identify issues arising from interconnect of disparate LTE equipment from many different participating vendors, including 4G user equipment, eNode B, SeGW, EPC, IMS multimedia telephony (MMTel), DRA and policy control network elements.