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n. pl. e·no·kis

[Short for enokitake.]


(ɛˈnɒk i)

a thin, long-stemmed and tiny-capped edible white mushroom, Flamma velutipes, native to Japan.
[1975–80; < Japanese enoki(-take)=enoki hackberry, Chinese nettle tree + take mushroom]
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You can find short-grain rice, enoki mushrooms, and remaining ingredients in the supermarket.
RELATED ARTICLE: Soft-Shell Crab with Pork Belly and Enoki Mushrooms (Serves 4)
The Green House Mushrooms - Fresh Enoki Mushrooms, and Dehydrated Portabello, Lobster, and Stir-Fry and Pasta Gourmet Mushroom Blends; $1.
enoki mushrooms or 1 cup slivered regular mushrooms Toasted hazelnuts (recipe follows) 2 teaspoons each minced red, green, and yellow bell pepper, or 2 tablespoons of any single pepper 1/3 cup olive or salad oil 2 tablespoons sherry vinegar or red wine vinegar Salt and pepper
There's a spinach creation ($10) with ahi tuna, enoki mushrooms and a soy-based dressing, and a surprising cabernet red wine dressing is the kitchen's pick for the signature salad plate titled salad Fume ($8).
each) enoki mushrooms into 6 equal portions, laying mushrooms parallel.
His veal arrives cut in strips and sauteed simply with a garlic and soy veal reduction, melded with a mixture of cremini and enoki mushrooms, and crested with crispy yam strands.
Charred Octopus, grilled to perfection over an open flame and served with green beans, crisp enoki mushrooms and topped with a light ponzu vinaigrette;
Starters include smoked salmon ballotine, stuffed with pickled vegetables and a mint coriander dressing; pan seared beef salad with marinated vegetables, enoki mushrooms and a sesame dressing.
Our sample platter featured toris of a sausage-like meat, chicken, bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms and vegetables.
Meanwhile, my colleague goes for the Japanese Beef Shabu Shabu - strip loin cooked with enoki mushrooms, carrot, white radish, spring onion, fish stock, soy sauce, vinegar and freshly ground pepper.