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, enophthalmia
n. enoftalmia, hundimiento del globo ocular.
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Ocular sequela of midface fracture ranged from subconjuctival hemorrhage, diplopia, decreased visual acuity, enophthalmus and hyphema to blindness.
Symptoms and signs requiring immediate ophthalmologic intervention in patients with head or facial trauma Function and findings Symptoms and signs Visual acuity Reduced/loss of vision Pupillary size Dilated Pupillary reactions Sluggish or loss of direct reflex Sluggish or loss of consensual reflex RAPD Present (swinging light teat) Pain Present Color test Reduced color perception Color of the eye Loss of red reflex Position of the globe Proptosis Enophthalmus Eye movement Reduced Diplopia Accompanied by pain Anterior orbital fractures Poorer visual outcome RAPD = relative af erent pupillary defect
Silent sinus syndrome is an uncommon clinical condition characterized by gradual and spontaneous retraction of the maxillary sinus with progressive enophthalmus and hypoglobus resulting from collapse of the orbital floor.