v. i.1.To inquire.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Curiously, all instances of squire are round in the Cursor Mundi (14c), which also contains single occurrences of enquere and brere with [e:] retained, while the forms with [i:] of aisle chiefly belong to a set of documents from Yorkshire (vie, ile, ylle in Reg.
TABLEAU 1 Mode de transport utilise selon le motif de deplacement sur 24 heures (en pourcentage) Travail Etude Magasinage Loisir Automobile personnelle 74 21 70 73 Transport en commun (TC) 17 25 11 12 A pied et a velo 6 28 18 13 Automobile et TC 2 1 0 1 Autres 1 25 0 1 Total 100 100 100 100 Source: STCUM et MTQ, Enquere Origine-Destination, 1993.
While Troilus accuses Cassandra of false prophesy, he recognizes that he is helpless to prevent Criseyde's betrayal.(10) Without confirmation of her treachery, Troilus becomes a paragon of action, excelling on the battlefield as he seeks to exorcise Criseyde's memory and his grief: "And day by day he gan enquere and seche / A sooth of this with al his fulle cure; / And thus he drieth forth his aventure" (V.1538-40).
Not so coincidentally, perhaps, defense also occupies a conspicuous but ambiguous position in the counsel of Chaucer's Prudence, where the opposition of material to moral considerations may favor the moral ones but does so in terms that ironically facilitate worldly readings: if a stranger falls into your company, for example, "enquere thanne as subtilly as thou mayst of his conversacion, and of his lyf before, and feyne thy way; say that thou [wolt] thider as thou wolt nat go;/and if he bereth a spere, hoold thee on the right syde, and if he bere a swerd, hoold thee on the lift syde" (C, 1294-1338, here 1310-12, lxxx[x.sup.r]; see also 1422, xc[i.sup.r]).
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