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n.1.One who enrolls or registers.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As for the hotel's loyalty programme, by advising every guest checking in of the programme personally, Adel came out on top as the highest enroller for the hotel in 2016, contributing to nearly 50% growth in revenue of loyalty programme enrollment revenue.
The company is a top enroller and one of the premier industry leaders in psychiatry, neurology and pain.
I believe in the objectives and thinking of the party and I am willing to fully participate in achieving the objective of the party." The enroller had to check the box besides this text to complete the enrolment procedure.
Little work has been carried out to date on Scottish conceptual metaphors, but as Anderson demonstrates, many of the technological resources developed at Glasgow University--notably SCOTS, the Enroller project (discussed below), and the Historical Thesaurus of English (HTE)--open up new possibilities for synchronic and diachronic study.
program for the Semester Autumn, 2013 and placed the results of all the enroller students at its website www.aiou.edu.pk.
Staff can monitor the system through the imbedded interface and a biometric desk enroller allows the system administrator to store fingerprints, assign permissions, monitor usage, and send the template to controllers.
CCD is recognized in the industry as a high quality researcher and successful enroller for psychiatric trials.
William Muir, trainer of Enroller "There were excuses last time as he scoped dirty after finishing second at Worcester, but he seems fine now.
WORCESTER: 2.10 Prince Tom, 2.45 Rio Alto, 3.20 O'Callaghan Strand, 4.00 Enroller, 4.35 Lauberhorn, 5.10 Miracle House, 5.40 Cresswell Bramble, 6.15 Mexican Bob DOUBLE: Joviality and So You Think.
SOUTHWELL: 2.20 Beau Mistral, 2.50 Putin, 3.20 Wellingrove, 3.50 Enroller, 4.20 Sweetnessandlight, 4.50 The Lock Master, 5.20 Hab Reeh.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 6.05 Sendinpost, 6.35 Weekend Millionair, 7.05 Minella Stars, 7.35 Enroller, 8.05 Blue Hills, 8.35 Allformary YARMOUTH: GAZETTE BET: 6.55 Batgirl.
ENROLLER (4.10), a onetime Group performer on the Flat, has shown enough over jumps to suggest he can win this maiden hurdle.