v. t.1.To make safe.
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We are currently working on our next virtual conference-- EnSafe: Ensuring Safety in Private Drinking Water Systems, October 16-17, 2018.
EnSafe will be responsible for the consulting, assessments, surveys, monitoring, training and remediation for environmental regulatory compliance across Tennessee.
NEHA is hosting its first private water virtual conference--Enhancing Safety in Private Drinking Water Systems (EnSafe)--on October 16-17.
(501) 374-2110 www.CDMSmith.com 11 Trinity Consultants 6 Charles 11225 Huron Lane, Suite 212, Little 300 Buttry Rock 72211 1974 (501) 225-6400 www.TrinityConsultants.com, CButtry@TrinityConsultants.com 13 ATC Associates 5 David 708 Museum Road, Conway 72032 7,000 McKamie (501)513-1100,(501)513-1102 1982 www.ATCAssociates.com 13 EnSafe Inc.
October 16-17, 2018: EnSafe: Ensuring Safety in Private
EnSafe received an award in 2009 from the American Council of Engineering Cos.
Edwin Pinero is the ISO 14000 service manager for EnSafe Inc.