v. i.1.To make search; to try to find something.
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Ellsworth started AIC after EnSearch left the state in the mid-1980s when oil prices collapsed.
In another situation, Texas Utilities announced plans to acquire Ensearch Corporation and to reduce costs throughout the organization.
Additionally, he was Vice President of Risk Management at TXU and held several positions in mid-office and accounting for Ensearch Energy Services.
15 million, the Ensearch partners agreed to build the 125-foot high dam and dig the 3.
Limited drilling by Ensearch Oil and Gas in the mid 1980's intercepted gold values including 24.
5% Net Smelter Returns Royalty to Ensearch Oil and Gas Inc.
Between 1972 and 1984, Lang served in management roles with Ensearch Corp.
Ensearch Exploration Corporation (NYSE:EEX), M B Energy Services, Panaco (Nasdaq:PANA), Samson Resources Company, Tetra Technologies, Inc.
NYSE: CA) 01/20/98 - 07/22/98 EEX Corporation (NYSE: EEX) 01/26/96 - 08/04/97 Ensearch Corporation (NYSE: ENS) 01/26/96 - 08/04/97 Ergobilt, Inc.
Previously, he spent three years in various accounting functions with Ensearch Exploration, Inc.
of Houston, Texas, the operator, and Ensearch Exploration, Inc.