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Noun1.Ensete - Old World tropical herbs: Abyssinian bananasEnsete - Old World tropical herbs: Abyssinian bananas
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
banana family, family Musaceae, Musaceae - treelike tropical Asian herbs
Abyssinian banana, Ensete ventricosum, Ethiopian banana, Musa ensete - large evergreen arborescent herb having huge paddle-shaped leaves and bearing inedible fruit that resemble bananas but edible young flower shoots; sometimes placed in genus Musa
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Similarly, Nurfeta et al [22] also reported lower DM digestibility in rams reared on enset (Ensete ventricosum) leaf, which is of the same family with banana, based diet which they attributed to higher levels of NDF, ADF and lignin in enset leaf.
Among the root crops grown in Africa, cassava, yam, sweet potato, and enset are the source of food for millions of people.
And National Agricultural biotechnology Research Center of Ethiopia also launched various tissue culture programs in crops like enset, sweet potato, grape etc.
Bradbury, "A Note on Wilt of Banana Caused by the Enset Wilt Organizm (Xanthomonas musacearum," East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, pp.
The reason for the conflict was that the mother had seen sign of qexera gome [e.g., seeing a certain type of snake in the enset (14) grove] after her daughter-in-law came home.
Effet du sechage sur les principes actifs des plantes medicinales: cas des alcaloides totaux des ecorces de Alstonia boonei Wild, plante antipaludeenne, Laboratoire de Thermique et Environnement, Ecole Normale Superieure d'Enseignement Technique (ENSET), de l'Universite de Douala, B.P.
Il a exerce dans plusieurs etablissements universitaires (Sorbonne, Rouen, Inalco, Ines, Culture populaire, Naplouse-Palestine, UFC, Enset).
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 19, 2015 --(PR.com)-- LogicBoxes, the Vertical Integration Solutions Provider for New gTLDs & ccTLDs, today announced its business alliance with Enset, a subsidiary of Public Interest Registry (PIR), to establish wholesale and retail channels for .NGO & .ONG domains.
In mid-April, Public Interest Registry will roll out its own registrar, Enset, which will sell the domains and services.