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Noun1.Ensis - razor clamsEnsis - razor clams        
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
jackknife clam, knife-handle, razor clam - marine clam having a long narrow curved thin shell
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Population dinamics of the bivalves Ve nus atiqua, Tagelus dombeii, and Ensis macha from Chile at 36[grados]S.
Here, it is worth noting that the kind of knife specified - Vedic asi-, cognate to Latin ensis, "sword"(14) is not usually a ritual instrument.(15) Indeed, at times it appears to be the very antithesis of the tools that by their purity recode the violence of sacrifice as a sacred action.
Energy storage and utilization in relation to the reproductive cycle in the razor clam Ensis arcuatus (Jeffreys, 1865).
The authors are, respectively, Senior Scientist, Ensis Wood Processing, New Zealand Forest Research Inst.
The bacterium that causes ring rot, clavibacter michigan ensis sepedonicus, was confirmed in a sample grown from Dutch seed potatoes at Middlewood Farm in Bwlch.
A translation of GIR.NITA in this year name as "general" is preferable to that of "governor," for we should take into consideration Goetze's finding that during Ur III times those cities governed by sakkanakkus were in a separate administrative category from those headed by ensis; the same was likely true for Old Akkadian times.
(2004) reported that for razor clams Ensis arcuatus, game-to-genesis occurred when food was less abundant, but was supported by energy reserves stored during periods of upwelling and high primary productivity.
Reproductive cycle of the bivalves Ensis macha (Molina, 1782) (Solenidae), Tagelus dombeii (Lamarck, 1818) (Solecurtidae), and Mulinia edulis (King, 1831) (Mactridae) in southern Chile.
The authors are, respectively, Scientists, Wood Processing and Products Unit, Ensis (Forest Research Institute), Rotorua, New Zealand (tripti.singh@ensisjv.com; bernhard.kreber@ensisjv.com); Consultant, Beagle Consulting (robin@beagleconsult.co.nz); and Professors, Soil, Plant and Ecological Sciences Div., Lincoln Univ., Canterbury, New Zealand (stewarta@lincoln.ac.nz; jaspersm@lincoln.ac.nz).
The bacterium c lavibacter michigan ensis sepedonicus, which causes ring rot, was confirmed in potatoes grown on the farm from seed potatoes imported from Holland.
Henderson and Richardson (1994) found that smaller clams (<100 mm in SL) of the Ensis ensis (Solenoidea: Pharidae) population along the shore of Anglesey, North Wales, occurred in shallower water area than larger clams.