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n.1.See Insurer.
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Such a partnership between CBN and Payment Solution Service Providers ensurer that there are minimum risks to the Central Bank, other payment service providers and end users; while extending usage of digital payments platforms to all banked and unbanked Nigerians as well as all sectors and geographies.
We livei inthe capital city of Wales and evervyr effortf should be made to ensurer that parentsr wantinga their childrh enr to be educated in Welsh havea the option to do so, within their communities.
c All carsr arer HPI checkec dto ensurer a securer backgc rog und and history,r aswellas receiving i an 82-point safety checkc by a mechanic.
These attacks are testing the ability of Iraqi security forces and undermining Maliki's reputation as an ensurer of security and stability.
Perhaps a more technical label needed in this diagnosis such as a 'Chill Ensurer Pre Occupier'?