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a.1.Pertaining to, or of the form of, an enthymeme.
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We see an example of Trump's use of enthymematic argumentation in a short clip on Fox News' Kelly File.
However--and here one again has to unpack Aquinas's enthymematic argument--one cannot intellectually apprehend something as having being-in-a-certain-way unless what does the
In this article, I concentrate on one function of jokes in presidential discourse: the ability to talk about difficult or taboo subjects through jokes' deeply enthymematic ways of communicating, providing insights into how and why presidents started using humor with such frequency.
The catch, however, is that the enthymematic character of the comic forms also reveal their deceptive intent.
They refer to an enthymematic method of connecting words for figurative use (79-80).
Metaphor is a potent, enthymematic, and therefore "economical" way of doing politics if we understand politics to be about the imagining and sorting out of human and organizational relations.
Such incisiveness inspires the reader-viewer to interpret the emblem as a virtual syllogism, or more precisely enthymeme, in which the res picta, comprised by the picture and epigram together, constitutes the protasis, while the res significata, to be inferred by the inventive reader-viewer, supplies the apodosis that completes the enthymematic argument.
between these two forms of reasoning, syllogistic versus enthymematic,
Obviously, one could read Alexander's first argument as enthymematic, but the phrase "the first cause is free from matter" plays no substantive role in the second argument.
In short, "ceteris paribus," or "for the most part" generalizations need be neither statistical nor enthymematic.
Thus, Mann concludes that the Daisy advertisement is notable because it harnessed public fears of nuclear weapons, illustrated those fears through potent symbols, and enticed viewers to complete its meaning (a form of enthymematic reasoning).