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a.1.Considered as pure entity; abstracted from all circumstances.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(5) It does not clearly confront the metaphysical tradition that regards world-openness as the quality of an entity instead of something that happens to and through an entity, the happening of which is not itself entitative: "History of this question concerning entities is the history of metaphysics, history of the thinking that thinks being as the being of an entity from out of and unto an entity.""' (6) Heidegger comes to emphasize more and more the changing complexion of our relatedness to being instead of the ahistorical treatment of relation characteristic of metaphysics.
The three layers of offline retail network include various entitative pharmacies, such as professional direct-to-patient (DTP) pharmacies owned by Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, cooperative/entrusted pharmacies of hospitals and independent retailers.
As such, beauty is not primarily expressive of a transcendent subjectivity that is in some sense "more real" than the objectivity of matter, but of reality in all of its entitative plentitude.
Highly entitative firms exhibit more consistent, coherent characteristics across the firm.
(65) Sanctifying grace resides in the essence of the soul as an absolutely supernatural entitative habit; it is possessed gratis, as a free gift.
The second dimension of essentialization is entitative and is based on a reified concept of social groups in which these groups are perceived as homogenous and as having a particular identity.
This means that God's self-bestowal or self-communication is dependent upon the "entitative modification and determination of man [which] is created grace." (34) Because one is created anew in Christ, the Holy Spirit indwells one.
The present data suggest that merely thinking that one is part of an entitative fan group is associated with a positive emotional state --collective happiness.
(13) In both texts, he distinguishes between natural, that is, entitative, and intentional being.
Bodily activities constitute an ineradicable facticity that is not dumb but an articulated process that does not emerge into the foreground--specifically since it is not entitative but constitutive of spacio-temporalization as a field of patterns.