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Noun1.Entoloma - agarics with pink spores but lacking both volva and annulus (includes some that are poisonous)
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Entolomataceae, family Entolomataceae - a family of fungi belonging to the order Agaricales
Entoloma lividum, Entoloma sinuatum - a deadly poisonous agaric; a large cap that is first white (livid or lead-colored) and then turns yellowish or tan
Entoloma aprile - an agaric with a dark brown conical cap; fruits in early spring
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Three new gasteroid species of the genus Entoloma found in Spain.
2 g/100 g, which was higher than the total sugar contents of Calocybe gambosa, Calocybe cornucopioides, Flammulina velutipes, Macroleptiota procera, Pleurotus ostreatus, and Entoloma clypeatum [48].
Entoloma eryriensis was found near Bala in Snowdonia National Park by scientists from the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) department at Aberystwyth University.
Mae yma hefyd nifer amrywiol o ffyngau'r glaswelltir, gan gynnwys 21 o rywogaethau o'r tagell pinc Entoloma (pinkgill), sy'n gwneud Eithinog yn un o'r safleoedd gorau yng Nghymru ar gyfer y rhywogaeth hwn.
A fungus foray around Llangefni's Dingle woods this time last year (pictured) turned up Entoloma versatile, never before seen in Wales and organisers are hoping for similar exciting discoveries in this year's foray
Entoloma sclerotiogenum, dos taxones poco conocidos
Mushrooms such as Agaricus, Boletus, Entoloma, Gomphus, Hebeloma, Russula, Scleroderma and Tricholoma are claimed as gastrointestinal irritants although the toxic principles involved are unknown [4].
Notas sobre el genero Entoloma en el noroeste de la Peninsula Iberica (IV): Entoloma legionense, una nueva especie del subgenero Leptonia.
Flora, Agaricus, Coprinopsis, Cortinarius, Entoloma, Ophiocordyceps, Pluteus, Na, SS, Vi).