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a.1.Pertaining to, or containing, enunciation or utterance.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Here a genre that is normally proper to women's enunciatory domain is co-opted by male figures." (24) This may not, however, point exclusively to a misogynist male appropriation of women's poetic practices and wholesale erasure of women's voices and concerns.
The combination of the narratives, furthermore, according to Lara-Bonilla, "creates an effect of constant interchangeability and mutation, of dynamism and spatial/subjective simultaneity that facilitates the constant superposition and alteration of enunciatory spaces and points of departure" (2010, 360).
By this latter I mean that it (re-)enters an enunciatory world in which questions of vocal touch are paramount, in which all elements of the paralinguistic are activated as instruments of exploration and keys to sense making.
Fieldwork in Michigan in 2013 with various "enunciatory communities" (Fortun, 2001) that assembled around the spill and its ongoing cleanup enabled me to appreciate the tremendous force of this comparison: the impacts of the spill continue to profoundly affect surrounding communities and ecosystems.
When writing at and about the margins, however, and in writing the nation within the context of modernity, this "causal logic" finds its traditional linear and "simply horizontal time" of the nation split through a tension between representing its people "as an a priori historical presence, a pedagogical object" and "the people constructed in the performance of narrative, its enunciatory 'present' marked in the repetition and pulsation of the national sign" (Bhabha 1990, 299).
in matters relating to mise-en-scene and montage) the enunciatory processes are inscribed.
Before postcolonial discourse can clear an enunciatory space for subalterns, we need first to restore the postcolonial subject to his or her humanity and dignity before he or she can reclaim a history and identity.
The reaction shot or the close-up may have consolidated its enunciatory position within the morphology of film grammar, yet even in art cinema it has in a sense been unable to free itself from the structural demands of the larger narrative of the film.
106) says: "they have been able to release into this discourse, into the sphere of their concerns, forms of historical contingency, small events, petitrecits, a number of what I would call enunciatory sites.
The photograph, "Los Cantos Mandan," explores Perez Bravo's fixed sexual coding as an opening to "becoming"--an enunciatory subject when making the ritual tool an extension of her body.
Barthes and Blanchot are called upon at key moments in the analysis of Leve's work by Luigi Magno, (an analysis profoundly based on the mis(use) and re- and de-contextualization of enunciatory processes found in the media), where Barthes's and Blanchot's "le neutre" combine to identify the unique "timbre" of Leve's works, between the personal and the impersonal, and between discourses.
After all, that such an articulation would likewise draw into its enunciatory rebus associations with an instrument of violent subjection (cat-o'-nine-tails) and the concept of nationhood only underscores the extent to which slave expression in any form is also already a tactic of national defiance.