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also ae·o·li·an  (ē-ō′lē-ən, ē-ōl′yən)
Relating to, caused by, or carried by the wind.

[From Aeolus.]


adj, n
(Classical Myth & Legend) a variant spelling of Aeolian


(iˈoʊ li ən)
n., adj.


(iˈoʊ li ən)

1. (l.c.) of or pertaining to sand or rock material carried or arranged by the wind.
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Noun1.Eolian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
Hellene, Greek - a native or inhabitant of Greece
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The materials filling the basin during the most recent (Quaternary) period are lacustrine, fluvial (terraces and alluvial deposits), colluvial, eolian (coastal dunes, mantles), and from marshes formed by the closure of different river estuaries (Moreira, 2003).
In a complex web of poems exchanged through the pages of The Morning Post and elsewhere, the two poets rework a number of images including the eolian harp, flower, nightingale, Chatterton, and more generally the rushing winds of sensibility that speak to their intensely "shared poetic development" (43).
It seems to epitomize those perceptions in "The Eolian Harp" by Samuel Colleridge, where Shruff End would acquire the dimension of the "Cot":
After the exposures ofSakhi Sarwar Formation, the eastern limb mostly covers by thick alluvium with some eolian deposits.
The final chapter drives home the point that the totality of geological evidence found in the Grand Canyon unequivocally supports a complex, vastly ancient history involving the long-continued operation of depositional and erosional processes in shallow marine, deltaic, fluvial (river), lacustrine (lake), and eolian environments.
2002): Holocene eolian sediments on the southern border of the Duero basin (Spain): origin and development of an eolian system in a temperate zone.
Eolian characterization of the 2016 ExoMars landing site: implications for the DREAMS (dust characterization, risk assessment and environment analyzer on the Martian surface) experiment.
He suggests that perhaps this segment of the crater's history may have been dominated by eolian, or wind-driven, deposition, as was once imagined for the lower part explored by Curiosity.
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The planned plants will use solar and eolian (wind power) renewable energy restrictively", Dr.