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also ae·o·li·an  (ē-ō′lē-ən, ē-ōl′yən)
Relating to, caused by, or carried by the wind.

[From Aeolus.]


adj, n
(Classical Myth & Legend) a variant spelling of Aeolian


(iˈoʊ li ən)
n., adj.


(iˈoʊ li ən)

1. (l.c.) of or pertaining to sand or rock material carried or arranged by the wind.
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Noun1.Eolian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
Hellene, Greek - a native or inhabitant of Greece
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Collectively, the presence of the beaver dam on this upland site and the presence of Typha latifolia and Najas flexilis at or beyond their northern limits suggest that conditions were as warm or warmer than modern conditions, with greater availability of water on the landscape than during the late Pleistocene, when eolian processes were dominant.
Eolian processes and dune changes at developed and undeveloped sites, Island Beach, New Jersey.
As in the case with the total element concentration of the playa lake waters, Al, As, Ca, and Mg, were greatest in spring due to eolian processes.