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(iːˈɒlɪk; ɪˈəʊlɪk)
adj, n
1. (Peoples) a variant spelling of Aeolic
2. (Languages) a variant spelling of Aeolic


or E•ol•ic

(iˈɒl ɪk)

1. the group of ancient Greek dialects spoken in Aeolis, Lesbos, Thessaly, and Boeotia.
[1730–40; < Latin < Greek]
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Noun1.Eolic - the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Thessaly and Boeotia and Aeolis
Ancient Greek - the Greek language prior to the Roman Empire
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Besides, this is FRVs first hybrid solar-wind project, which will combine photovoltaic and wind energy technologies, materializing the companys commitment to the diversification of solutions in the renewable energy sector, with innovative projects that in the future will also include Eolic energy.
Although the thickness of eolic sediments has not been studied in northeast Mendoza, Sepulveda (2001) notes that along the lower stretch of the river, eolic material may be 100 m thick.
Among these, eolic energy production has become hugely important in promoting the development of such technologies in recent years.
Tses Glass has also appointed BDF Industries to develop and build its 25 MW Eolic Power Plant in Tses to power its furnaces.
It wasn't by chance that in June, Havana hosted the XII World Conference on Eolic (Wind) Energy and Renewable Energies--an event attended by experts from Europe, China, Latin America and elsewhere.
Characteristics of the Flora and vegetation of the Mesa high plain and the eolic plain at the Aguaro-Guariquito National Park, Guarico State, Venezuela
Likewise, said the prime minister, Albania has great potentials to exploit in the field of hydrocarbon, eolic and solar potentials, too.
The ablation moraine has a prevalence of cambisols, the ground moraine either cambi- or luvisols and the eolic accumulation plains mainly podzols.
As a tool for detecting natural energy resources, satellite data is increasingly used for planning new alternative energy power sites, such as the positioning of eolic generators and locating the ideal areas for solar panels to maximize their output.
The valuation of eolic energy projects in Colombia under the real option approach