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n. Greek Mythology
The goddess of the dawn.

[Greek Ēōs, from ēōs, dawn; see aus- in Indo-European roots.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the winged goddess of the dawn, the daughter of Hyperion. Roman counterpart: Aurora


(ˈi ɒs)

the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn.
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Noun1.Eos - (Greek mythology) the winged goddess of the dawn in ancient mythology; daughter of Hyperion; identified with Roman Aurora
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Thence they arise and go abroad by night, veiled in thick mist, and utter their song with lovely voice, praising Zeus the aegis- holder and queenly Hera of Argos who walks on golden sandals and the daughter of Zeus the aegis-holder bright-eyed Athene, and Phoebus Apollo, and Artemis who delights in arrows, and Poseidon the earth-holder who shakes the earth, and reverend Themis and quick-glancing (1) Aphrodite, and Hebe with the crown of gold, and fair Dione, Leto, Iapetus, and Cronos the crafty counsellor, Eos and great Helius and bright Selene, Earth too, and great Oceanus, and dark Night, and the holy race of all the other deathless ones that are for ever.
371-374) And Theia was subject in love to Hyperion and bare great Helius (Sun) and clear Selene (Moon) and Eos (Dawn) who shines upon all that are on earth and upon the deathless Gods who live in the wide heaven.
378-382) And Eos bare to Astraeus the strong-hearted winds, brightening Zephyrus, and Boreas, headlong in his course, and Notus, -- a goddess mating in love with a god.
Specially in case of laws penal, they ought to have care, that that which was meant for terror, be not turned into rigor; and that they bring not upon the people, that shower whereof the Scripture speaketh, Pluet super eos laqueos; for penal laws pressed, are a shower of snares upon the people.
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