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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous phosphate of alumina and manganese. It is generally of a rose-pink color, - whence the name.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Graining in pink diamond * Yellow HPHT-treated rough diamond * Color-zoned emerald * Orange faceted eosphorite * Large faceted hibonite * Dyed and natural green jadeite * Coated kornerupine beads * Assembled cultured blister pearl * Large abalone pearls * Irradiated green-blue CVD synthetic diamonds * Polished topaz imitating diamond rough.
Finally, Luis had matrix specimens in miniature to small-cabinet sizes showing brown, gemmy eosphorite crystals to 1 cm on microcline.
Especially since World War II, the pegmatites of the state of Minas Gerais have yielded some of the world's finest specimens of topaz, chrysoberyl, euclase, elbaite, and beryl (in all of its colored varieties); phosphate-rich pegmatites of the same state have furnished the world's finest specimens of brazilianite, beryllonite, eosphorite, hydroxylherderite, amblygonite and more; complex pegmatites of other kinds have provided cassiterite, xenotime, monazite and several rare-earth species; Brazilian specimens of titanite, phenakite, fluorapatite, kyanite, scheelite, spessartine and bertrandite are among the world's very best.
Further, there are some specimens in which 5-cm sprays of dull brown, prismatic eosphorite crystals rest on microcline matrix plates to 12 cm across.
For instance, specimens showing tabular eosphorite crystals resting on blue topaz have been found there.
(1942) tourmaline; garnet Etiro pegmatite Topaz, brazilianite, Miller (1969) eosphorite Kanona-Erongo Schorl; garnet Frommurze et al.
The authors' chemical analysis showed Fe strongly prevailing over Mn, in both the brown and white portions, suggesting that there is no eosphorite at Llallagua.
He had specimens of the best quality, with crystals of the most perfect development, such as any museum would put in places of honor: multicolored and doubly terminated tourmaline crystals weighing more than a kilogram; cutting-quality tourmaline scepter crystals with red stems and green heads (which I reported in print, a few years later, to a mostly unbelieving readership); plates of rose quartz crystals, decorated with eosphorite crystals, more than 40 cm wide; sharp blue topaz crystals of various sizes; blue single crystals of aquamarine with wonderful terminations, rich in secondary faces.
Rob's big pink vayrynenite crystal (about 3 cm, from the Shengus area, Gilgit) has the bladed habit of eosphorite, and is unprecedented.
From Brazil the Lavra da Ilha pegmatite in the middle of the Jequitinhonha River had yielded some fine rose quartz crystal clusters, many of them sprinkled with tiny, lustrous brown eosphorite and roscherite crystals.
There is not much new to report (atypically) from Brazil, although there are the small, pale brown, stilbite-like fanned sprays of subparallel bladed eosphorite crystals from the Pirineus mine, Itinga, Minas Gerais.
These include sicklerite, purpurite, hureaulite, phosphosiderite, strengite, stewartite, eosphorite, robertsite, mitridatite, jahnsite, fairfieldite, hopeite, and pseudomalachite.