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 (ə-fē′bə-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə)
1. Sexual attraction of an adult for postpubescent adolescents.
2. Love of a man for a male youth, idealized in certain societies such as ancient Greece.

[Greek ephēbos, ephebe; see ephebe + -philia.]

e·phe′bo·phile′ (-fīl′) n.


(Psychiatry) the condition of being sexually attracted to adolescents
[C19: from Greek ephēbos young man + -philia]
eˈpheboˌphile n
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We simply cannot know whether Alexander stops his sexual actions with the young men when they reach eighteen because he is an ephebophile, or because the males have reached an age where they were men and no longer social inferiors to him (see Bloch 2001, 185).
Mark Foley is therefore not a pedophile but an ephebophile, or one who is similarly interested in adolescents.
77) The ephebophile is attracted to older children only, not age-appropriate sex partners.
This illusionary and exaggerated reverence for the priest explains in good measure how a child or young adolescent could become deeply confused at the advances of pedophile and ephebophile priests and make agonizing efforts to convince himself or herself that what the priest was doing was not sinful because of the exaggerated reverence with which they were always taught to regard the person of that priest--or explains their reluctance to speak of the situation to the authorities or their parents for fear that they would not be believed.
What kind of ephebophile is involved in a given case: (1) a preferential ephebophile, (2) an ephebophile who is also an adult homosexual, or (3) an ephebophile who is also an adult heterosexual?
a facility with up-to-date evaluation tools, after the facility diagnosed an archdiocesan priest as an ephebophile after the priest admitted to therapists he was sexually attracted to adolescent males.
This is the same Groer who, not 10 years later, had to quit his post in disgrace after public accusations that he was an ephebophile.
But I think that men who are already predisposed to being pedophile or ephebophile (two categories of child sex abusers) are attracted to the priesthood for one of two reasons.
Now, we're still trying to separate the pedophile (abuser of prepubescent children) from the ephebophile (abuser of teenagers), the homosexual abuser from the heterosexual abuser.
Most abusing priests were neither confirmed pedophiles (consistently attracted to prepubescent children), nor confirmed ephebophiles (consistently attracted to pubescent and older minors).
Most of the Catholic priests caught up in the scandal were not pedophiles but ephebophiles.