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 (ə-fē′bə-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə)
1. Sexual attraction of an adult for postpubescent adolescents.
2. Love of a man for a male youth, idealized in certain societies such as ancient Greece.

[Greek ephēbos, ephebe; see ephebe + -philia.]

e·phe′bo·phile′ (-fīl′) n.
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(Psychiatry) the condition of being sexually attracted to adolescents
[C19: from Greek ephēbos young man + -philia]
eˈpheboˌphile n
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If you want to know how an ephebophile thinks--that is, an adult who is sexually attracted to teenagers--watch Woody Allen's Manhattan (1979).
We simply cannot know whether Alexander stops his sexual actions with the young men when they reach eighteen because he is an ephebophile, or because the males have reached an age where they were men and no longer social inferiors to him (see Bloch 2001, 185).
A third type of offender, the ephebophile, may also be either fixated or regressed.
One of my best friends from my teen years is a convicted ephebophile; he went from parish to parish and diocese to diocese and was always involved in youth ministry--until the sheriff's department came to the rectory one night and slapped cuffs on him.
What kind of ephebophile is involved in a given case: (1) a preferential ephebophile, (2) an ephebophile who is also an adult homosexual, or (3) an ephebophile who is also an adult heterosexual?(38)