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 (ə-fē′bə-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə)
1. Sexual attraction of an adult for postpubescent adolescents.
2. Love of a man for a male youth, idealized in certain societies such as ancient Greece.

[Greek ephēbos, ephebe; see ephebe + -philia.]

e·phe′bo·phile′ (-fīl′) n.


(Psychiatry) the condition of being sexually attracted to adolescents
[C19: from Greek ephēbos young man + -philia]
eˈpheboˌphile n
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Luke Institute put Gustafson through a battery of tests, reaching a diagnosis of paraphilia, with ephebophilia in remission.
Psychiatrists and psychologists distinguish pedophilia (sexual attraction to young children) and ephebophilia (sexual attraction to teenagers).
The technical name for this kind of act is ephebophilia, but many would call it pederasty or even homosexuality.
also writes of his experience, early in his priestly and religious formation, of the discreet and often ill-conceived treatment of priests thought to be abusing adolescents, as well as of the general lack of understanding of pedophilia and ephebophilia.
I was upset to see that Christie Ayotte, in her article "Thanks a Lot, Foley" [November 7], made no distinction between pedophilia and ephebophilia and that you apparently did not try to correct her.
This is different to sexual attraction to post-pubescent adolescents, known as ephebophilia.
Because many of the pedophilia and ephebophilia cases were male-male, there was an understandable but mistaken connection made between homosexuality and criminal behavior.
France does not commit the common error of confusing pedophilia (a sexual interest in children) with ephebophilia (an interest in teenagers).
Much of it is about ephebophilia, or boy-love, a phenomenon whose connection to homosexuality is unclear.
64) Pedophilia is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a sexual disorder, while ephebophilia is not listed.
The latter group's disorder is defined as ephebophilia.
More might be inclined to ephebophilia, an attraction to pubescent and post-pubescent youth.