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Noun1.Ephedraceae - ephedras: in some classifications included in the Gnetaceae
gymnosperm family - a family of gymnosperms
Gnetales, order Gnetales - chiefly tropical or xerophytic woody plants; practically unknown as fossils but considered close to the ancestral line of angiosperms
genus Ephedra - type and sole genus of Ephedraceae: tropical and subtropical evergreen shrubby or creeping plants native to dry and inhospitable regions
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Jacobsen) X Thiede & 't Hart Ephedraceae Ephedra rupestris Benth.
The following families were included in the studies: Ephedraceae, Menispermaceae, Asteraceae, Pipperacea, Acanthaceae, Solanacae, Hymenochaeraceae, Cucurbitaceae, Lauraceae, Brassicaceae, Labiateae, Rhizophoraceae, Zingiberaceae, Leguminosae, Asclepiadaceae, and Euphorbiaceae.
Ephedra (Ephedra intermedia) belongs to family Ephedraceae and is a genus of nonflowering plants, related to Gnetales, very near relatives of angiosperms [3].
from Ephedraceae [1], has been widely used for thousands of years for treatment of allergies, asthma, pneumonia, chills, edema, colds, and fever [2-9].
Ahlilaj Ephedraceae Ephedra sinica Stapf Ormak Elaeagnaceae Elaeagnus angustifolia L.
The families most commonly observed at the site were: Annonaceae, Apiaceae, Araliaceae, Asteraceae, Arecaceae, Blechnaceae, Cyperaceae, Ephedraceae, Eriocaulaceae, Lauraceae, Malvaceae, Melastomataceae, Fabaceae, Moraceae, Myrsinaceae, Myrtaceae, Onagraceae, Orchidaceae, Phytolaccaceae, Poaceae, Polygonaceae, Pontederiaceae, Rubiaceae, Typhaceae, and Verbenaceae.
Shapash qura Cyperaceae Carex hebetata Boott Raqraq 1 Ephedraceae Ephedra americana Pinco pinco, 2 Humb.
These species are divided into the following systematic groups: gymnosperms are represented by two families (Cupressaceae, Ephedraceae), three genera (Juniperus, Tetraclinis, Ephedra) and four species (Juniperus phoenicea, J.
Ephedra pachyclada (Ephedraceae): One of the UAE's only two gymnosperms (both Ephedra spp.), this leafless shrub is otherwise found in Eastern Arabia only in the Ru'us al-Jibal (where it appears at ca.
Vivacious Family Scientific Vernacularna species name me Chenopodiaceae Traganum Damrane nudatum Ephedraceae Ephedra alata Alanda Poaceae Aristida Drinn pungens Ephemeral Brassicaceae Savignya Gouglene species longistyla Rosaceae Neurada Saadane procumbens Vivacious Course species Beds of wadi, Ergs, Hamadas Ergs, Beds of wadi Sandy soils Ephemeral Beds of wadi, Depressions, species Hamadas, Sandy soils, Ergs.