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n.1.(Anat.) A depression in the sphenoid bone; the pituitary fossa.
2.(Zool.) A saddle-shaped cavity to contain the winter eggs, situated on the back of Cladocera.
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On the contrary, the burrowed shellfish species we obtained, namely Tapes dorsatus, Anadara antiquate, Periglypta lacerata, Trachycardium alternatum, Placuna ephippium, and Strombus turturella, from both stations 1 and 2 showed low toxicity levels ranging from 3 + 0.
An account of the two methods of reproduction in Daphnia, and of the structure of ephippium.
1 --Apenas dois dedos funcionais em cada mao e tres aitelhos funcionais em cada pe Brachycephaius ephippium (Figura 1) --Quatro dedos funcionais em cada niao e cinco artelhos funcionais em cada pe 2 --Corpo robusto e ovoide.
Finalmente se propone a Locusta sellata Stoll, 1787 y a Dysonia ephippium (Stoll, 1813) como nomina oblita bajo Lichenomorphus fuscifrons (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878) n.
2D), and Anomia ephippium, the foliation is oblique (30[degrees], 30[degrees], and 45[degrees], respectively).
One interesting, and as yet undated, exception to the ubiquitous Anadara mounds--a cluster of some 30 mounds along the mangrove-fringed banks of the Elizabeth River that flows into Middle Arm is dominated by the mangrove tree oyster Melina ephippium, and may represent continued mound building during this more recent period of mangrove expansion.
Taxon Total Range of Dates Anthicidae Anthicus cervinus (La Ferte) 4 05-19 to 08-18 Anthicus ephippium LaFerte 1 08-18 Omonadus floralis (L.
During times of sexual reproduction, females produce two diapausing eggs at a time in a protective case called an ephippium.
Fertilized eggs are deposited in a protective envelope called an ephippium, and give rise to diapausing embryos.