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1. (Bible)
a. the younger son of Joseph, who received the principal blessing of his grandfather Jacob (Genesis 48:8–22)
b. the tribe descended from him
c. the territory of this tribe, west of the River Jordan
2. (Bible) the northern kingdom of Israel after the kingdom of Solomon had been divided into two
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(ˈi fri əm, ˈi frəm)

1. the younger son of Joseph. Gen. 41:52.
2. one of the 12 tribes of Israel, traditionally descended from him. Gen. 48:1.
3. the northern kingdom of Israel.
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References in classic literature ?
One day, in the sick chamber of Father Ephraim, who had been forty years the presiding elder over the Shaker settlement at Goshen, there was an assemblage of several of the chief men of the sect.
The venerable Father Ephraim sat in his easy chair, not only hoary headed and infirm with age, but worn down by a lingering disease, which, it was evident, would very soon transfer his patriarchal staff to other hands.
"My brethren," said Father Ephraim to the surrounding elders, feebly exerting himself to utter these few words, "here are the son and daughter to whom I would commit the trust of which Providence is about to lighten my weary shoulders.
Finally, when the infirmities of Father Ephraim had admonished him to seek a successor in his patriarchal office, he thought of Adam and Martha, and proposed to renew, in their persons, the primitive form of Shaker government, as established by Mother Ann.
"Son Adam, and daughter Martha," said the venerable Father Ephraim, fixing his aged eyes piercingly upon them, "if ye can conscientiously undertake this charge, speak, that the brethren may not doubt of your fitness."
But while speaking these few words, Martha grew so pale that she looked fitter to be laid in her coffin than to stand in the presence of Father Ephraim and the elders; she shuddered, also, as if there were something awful or horrible in her situation and destiny.
"My children, join your hands," said Father Ephraim.
In their attention to Father Ephraim, their eyes were turned from Martha Pierson, who grew paler and paler, unnoticed even by Adam Colburn.
Was not the gleaning of the grapes of Ephraim better than the vintage of Abi-ezer?
Ephraim is an heartless dove Issachar an over-laboured drudge, which stoops between two burdens.
My brother Ephraim, the lunatic-keeper (I wish he had had himself to keep in a strait-waistcoat), had had many jobs since the close of the long job he got from you, but had not done well.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 10, 2019-New Jersey American Water Closes Acquisition of Mount Ephraim Sewer System